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How Wearable Technology Can Help Runners

Have you ever wondered if wearable technology can help your running? Read more about inertial measurement unit sensors in our latest RUNATOMY Blog post 


What Running Shoes Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Did you know that running shoes can help or hurt your plantar fasciitis? Read how on the latest RUNATOMY Blog post.
The Most Common Running Injury Explained

Do you suffer from pain under & around your kneecap or just want to learn more about Runner's Knee? Read all about Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and the quick exercises that can help on the latest post!
How To Select Running Shoes

I often get asked by patients and runners about footwear and selecting proper shoes. However, it can be frustrating at times to select proper footwear due to the complex features and attributes of a running shoe. Furthermore, shoe brands change the names, styles and features of shoes consistently which makes it hard to know which shoes to buy. In order to select better running shoes it is best to start with learning about heel drop and stack height. Read more in our latest RUNATOMY Blog post!
Running in the cold can run the risk of injury and even worse, hypothermia.  Learn to run safely in the cold with several recommendations we provide in our RUNATOMY Blog.

Often shin splints can be remedied by corrective exercises, stretching, and proper footwear; however, if left untreated shin splints can turn into medial tibial stress syndrome which is a fracture in the shin bone. Learn about three minor injuries that can become scary in our latest RUNATOMY blog post. Stay safe and keep running!
Learn what happens when you run in the heat and what to do about it in our lastest blog post by Dr. Michelle Rice!
Home exercises to help you run safer, better, and faster!  Read more on the blog!

What do I do if my race gets cancelled?

RUMOR: If my race gets cancelled, I can't adapt my running schedule

TRUTH: Read the truth in the blog!


Have you been running and risking COVID?

RUMOR: I should avoid running due to COVID

TRUTH: No, but it's complicated

Find more about the truth here!


What is Overstriding? And is it dangerous?

RUMOR: Overstriding leads to injuries

TRUTH: Excessive overstriding may lead to injury

Find more about the truth here!

Is Forefoot Running Safe?

RUMOR: Forefoot running is safer than rearfoot running

TRUTH: Not always

Find more about the truth here!